Whether you spend hours worrying about your home’s roof, or you don’t give much thought to it at all, it’s important to know how to take care of it. Roof repairs can be costly, and a little maintenance can go a long way.

First, don’t mess around with your roof if the weather is inclement. Not only does it make it more dangerous for you to go up there, but it can also ruin the work you’re attempting to do. Wait for nicer weather, both temperature and storm-wise.

While it may sound backwards, one of the best times to find a leak is when it’s completely dry out. Keep an eye out for things like mold in corners, unusually dark ceiling tiles, and damp insulation. You can use these things to guide you to the spot the leak is coming from.

Discovered a leak in your roof? The first place to check out is your gutters. The gutters of your home can easily become clogged, and end up being a major cause of leaks, especially if they have not been cleaned recently. If you see they are filled with debris, like leaves, be sure to contact a professional service company like Santa Rosa Gutter Install Repair Cleaning to clean it out for you.

In fact, it’s critical that you always make sure that your gutter system is clear and free of debris. If there is no way for water to drain, then the gutters can accumulate rainwater and cause leaks. You can also install ridge and soffit vents so you can prevent any dry rot from developing on your roof.

Gutter Cleaning Check-Ups

It is very common for the gutters on your house to become clogged, so make sure you have them cleaned on a fairly regular basis (at minimum, twice per year). If you allow them to stay dirty, it will give rain a chance to build up and pool on top of your roof, which increases the chances of the roof becoming damaged.

Having a clogged gutter means that rain cannot adequately drain, and that puts an extra burden on your roofing materials.

Even if you don’t give a lot of thought to your roof, you should still know how to take care of it. If you take good care of your roof, it’ll take good care of you.

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