Solar Panel Cleaning

Adding solar panels to your home in Sonoma County can be a great idea. As a homeowner, this can reduce your electric bill dramatically and be a great investment for your property. However, over time you may notice that they aren’t as effective or efficient as they once were. So, you should ask yourself; When was the last time you had your solar panels cleaned?

What is Solar Panel Cleaning?

Solar panel cleaning is a necessary maintenance task to ensure your panels are working at their optimum levels of performance. The presence of dirt and other elements on the panel’s surface prevent sun rays from filtering onto the panel’s photovoltaic cells. Therefore, dirt and debris will negatively affect the performance of your system. It is recommended that owners have annual cleans which will protect your initial investment from getting in a state of disrepair.

Solar panel cleaning Services - Santa Rosa & Sonoma County

There are unavoidable elements that can lead to the slow deterioration and poor performance of your solar panels.

This includes:

Debris such as leaves and trigs

Build-up of dust, grime and bird droppings

Atmospheric pollution including harmful particulates

Algae and moss

Tree sap

The best time of year to get your solar panels up to standard is at the end of winter. Then your energy system will be clean and ready to make full use of the sun as it returns with longer intense rays for the spring and summer.

Depending on where your panels have been placed, you may need to consider cleaning your solar panels more than once a year. If your panels have a minimal tilt or are laid flat, there is a higher chance of dirt and debris build-up and will need more regular cleaning.

If you live in a region with low rainfall, you may also want to consider semi-annual cleans. Unfortunately, the wind and rain won’t do a sufficient enough cleaning job on their own so consider using a specialized team.

Why is Solar Panel Cleaning Important?

As identified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, dirty solar panels produce up to 25% electricity. This is why cleaning them is an important maintenance task that should not be missed. Throughout the year, solar panels are vulnerable to dirt, leaves, and bird droppings leaving them looking old, dirty, and unattractive. This could damage the curb-appeal of your home as well as more pressing issues.

If left unclean, you may face power loss in your home as well as reduce the efficiency of the panels when producing electricity. They may also create ‘hot-spots’ which will nullify the warranty on your solar panel system. With the help of professionals, they can be cleaned with manufacturer-approved cleaning agents and equipment, which will not jeopardize your warranty.

You should also consider bringing in a professional team to clean your social panels for your own health and safety. One obvious safety concern for many is the need to get on top of the property. Did you know that there are an estimated 164,000 ladder-related injuries every year? From climbing roofs, risks of falling, and fear of electrocution, it’s completely understandable and sensible to call in the professionals. With their safety staging, harnesses, and support, expert technicians like ours at Santa Rosa Gutters will safely maintain your solar panels.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Santa Rosa Gutters provides effective and reliable social panel cleaning all over Sonoma County to optimize your energy generation and maximize your solar investment. Avoid injury when trying to access hard to reach solar panels by letting our professionals clear away excessive debris with the correct equipment and materials. We use high-quality cleaning agents to enhance your solar production without any risks of damage to the system.

Is it time to clean your social panels? If you’re a Sonoma County resident, call our expert team at Santa Rosa Gutters today to schedule an extensive clean of your solar panels at a fair and competitive rate.

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