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Your rain gutters are the first barrier of defense when protecting your home from costly water damage. As a responsible homeowner in Sonoma county, you’ll want to ensure the gutters direct rainwater safely away from your roof and foundations. Damaged or leaking rain gutters can rapidly result in extensive damage to your property. Whether you’re dealing with strong storms or old hardware, call in a professional to repair and secure your gutters, and keep your home safe and dry.

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Signs You Need Your Gutters Repaired

Stay vigilant when it comes to your rain gutters by checking them after storms and each season. Here are five clear warnings that it’s time to get your gutters repaired:

Your gutters look uneven

Uneven and sagging gutters will not be performing properly. Water will pool into the center and cause connected spikes to loosen. This makes them sag worse and worse until the entire gutter pulls away from the property. Inspect your gutters by walking around its perimeter and avoid costly permanent damage. Schedule gutter repair for the uneven sections and save time, money, and stress in the long run.

There is mildew or staining in your attic

Check out your attic and the wood under the eaves. If you can see any mold growth or water stains, it is likely your gutters are letting you down. Now is time to call one of our professionals to check your rain gutter function and make necessary repairs to your gutters. You’ll also need to consider replacing any rotting, moldy wood which may jeopardize the integrity of your roof.

Your home has peeling paint or rusting metals

Is there a path of peeling paint down the side of your home? Is there rust on your gutters? The likely explanation for both of these issues is a gutter leak. Whether its worsened over time or been punctured by something, the leak will need to be patched up. If the section has rusted through, it will need replacing to ensure there are no more leaks in the near future.

There is pooling water around your home’s foundations

If your gutters don’t drain water away from your home effectively, water may pool at the base of your home. This will ultimately lead to a moldy basement and foundation cracks. With an immediate threat to the stability of your home, it is vital you address this issue fast and call for a repair appointment. Our experts will position the downspouts properly and ensure they are correctly sized. They will also inspect your property’s gutters for leaks and missing parts.

Pieces of your gutter are on the ground

Inspect the ground around the bottom of your property for any gutter-fastening hardware. Without secure fastenings, gutters are likely to be damaged or pull away from the house during strong winds and heavy rainfall. Call our team to quickly refasten them and avoid further issues.

Our Gutter Repair services

At Santa Rosa Gutters, our reliable team of professionals is equipped to fix your gutters fast. From repairs to maintenance, we can help you identify issues and resolve them before there is damage to your home. With experience repairing rain gutters of all shapes and sizes for both residential and commercial properties, our expert repairmen will be on location promptly to repair, reattach, or replace.

Why You Should Choose Us

Rain gutter repair is often best left to the experts. At Santa Rosa Gutters, we can diagnose issues and repair them properly with the correct tools and safety precautions. Our knowledgeable team can answer any questions you have and give reliable advice about installations, repairs, and maintenance of your rain gutters.

Santa Rosa Gutters is here to help and ensure your rain gutters are fully functioning and protecting your home from water damage. If you would like to discuss your options for rain gutter repair in Santa Rosa, call our Specialists today. We can schedule an appointment for you.

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