Gutter Guards

Gutters play a vital role in protecting your home from water damage. However, they often need some maintenance. Gutters will often become blocked with debris such as leaves and twigs, which prevents them from directing water away from the house. Clogged up gutters may start to sag and pull away from your roof, which will heighten the risk of severe water damage.

The good news is that gutter guards are a convenient way to keep your gutter clean and clog-free. Now there is no hassle of cleaning them yourself a few times a year or paying hundreds of dollars for someone else to clean them for you.

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What are gutter guards?

Gutter guards essentially protect your rain gutters from becoming clogged by leaves, pinecones, twigs, etc. and reduce the number of times your gutters will need cleaning. There are a variety of gutter guards on the market, and it’s important for you to know more about different gutter guards. Then you can confidently invest in the right system for your property.

Brush Gutter Guards

These guards are made up of bristles and act as a pipe cleaning inside of your gutters. These easy to install guards are in an upright position to keep debris on top of them to allow water to freely move through your gutters. However, they do not always block smaller debris such as pine needles and often need de-clogging themselves.

Foam Gutter Guards

These inexpensive guards fit inside of your gutters to stop debris built up. They are easy to install; however, you do need to take them out to clean your gutters and then reinstall each time, which is a lot more effort than not having gutter guards at all.

Reserve Curve / Surface Tension Gutter Guards

They are designed to temporarily move rainwater down and stop debris collecting in your gutter by dropping it to the ground. They should be professionally installed to avoid damage to roof shingles and replaced for a more permanent guard when possible.


They are an affordable solution that will still need to be removed to clean your gutters at least once a year and reinstalled. These screens fit onto your rain gutters and have holes to allow water through. However, these holes will still allow some smaller pieces of debris to get into your gutters.

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

These guards have barely visible holes that allow water through. Like a sieve, the stainless-steel guards keep debris out. This is an ideal option for the maintenance-free protection of your gutters. With a high-quality professional installation, they are a great permanent solution.

Why are gutter guards necessary?

The most beneficial aspect of having gutter guards is that they can protect your home from serious damages. Clogged gutters can have costly consequences. From foundation and roof damage to basement flooding and rotting fascia, clogged gutters can cause serious problems for homeowners. By installing gutter guards, you aren’t only protecting your gutters; you’ll be saving your whole home from potentially serious damage.

Another essential reason to have gutter guards is for your own health and safety. This miserable task is time-consuming, exhausting, and dangerous. Did you know that there are an estimated 164,000 ladder-related injuries every year? The risk of regularly climbing a ladder to clean your gutters is one you shouldn’t have to worry about. Fortunately, an effective gutter protection system will eliminate the need for frequent gutter cleaning.

Our gutter guard services

Installing gutter guards has plenty of benefits when it comes to protecting your Sonoma County home from costly damages and repairs. Our professional team at Santa Rosa Gutters provides top-quality advice and reliable installation to ensure your gutter guards are correctly and securely fitted.

If you’re looking to protect your gutters and your home today, consider having gutter guards professionally fitted. Our team is ready to help you prevent water damage and keep your gutters fully functioning. Call Santa Rosa Gutters for dependable, prompt installation services today.

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